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Dinosaur Trips are exactly what they sound like.

We create trips and travel itineraries, across the world, centered around dinosaur digs, discoveries, experiences, experts, and incredible access into the world of our prehistoric planet through paleontology.

A Dinosaur Trips branded poster of a young girl and an Albertosaurus in the Badlands of Alberta

Martin Buber

We're headed to the Canadian Badlands & beyond for our inaugural trips this summer

We are thrilled to announce our inaugural destination is the Badlands of Alberta, Canada!

Join us as we explore this fossil-rich and adventure-packed travel destination in Summer 2023. Add your name to the Badlands • Alberta trip info list today!

You’ll get the first opportunity to reserve your spot on the Badlands trip before anyone else, and you’ll be the first to receive new itinerary details before we announce them publicly!


Our group departures and tailor-made private itineraries are centered on dinosaurs and paleontology, but that’s not all.

We also include elevated and stylish touches across all trip itineraries and experiences that make Dinosaur Trips much more than just the nerd stuff. 

A chef puts the finishing touches on a fancy dish for Dinosaur Trips
A jeep sits on a hill, demonstrating Dinosaur Trips commitment to getting travellers to the places where they will find dinosaur fossils

We, uh, find a way

Get up close to the prehistoric world of dinosaurs, fossils, and paleontology. We take you to the sites. We provide you with the exclusive access. And we put you face-to-face with the experts shaping the world of paleontology today.


In addition to delivering incredible dinosaur-based destination experiences for our guests, at Dinosaur Trips we’ve made it our mission to support and strengthen dinosaur research in the places we explore.

an fossilzed allosaurus skull and neck on black background
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